Doncaster’s rat infestation problems result in six call-outs per day

Doncaster’s pest control squad has been called out 5,712 times to get rid of vermin in less than two years.

Shocking figures reveal rat infestation was the most common cause for concern, with 4,178 incidents – an average of six per day – between April 2014 and February 2016.

Doncaster Council call-outs included 2,787 reports of rats outside, 764 of rats inside a property and a further 627 incidents where the details were unspecified.

Wasps accounted for 621 call-outs, while mice infestations resulted in 415.

Pest control officers responded to 104 incidents involving bed bugs, 204 involving fleas and 22 involving moles.

Ants resulted in 82 call outs, with 15 for squirrels and 18 for bees. Call-outs relating to beetles, flies, mites, psocids or booklice, silverfish and weevils were all in single figures.

Doncaster resident Glory Redmile says she has been living with an infestation in her council property for two years.

Mrs Redmile, aged 52, who lives on The Crescent, Dunscroft, with her grown-up son, said: “There’s dead rats under the floorboards and rats running around upstairs.

“We can’t sleep upstairs at the minute because the smell is so bad. “It’s affecting my health, I’m struggling to breathe properly and my son has gone from a 42 inch waist to a 32 because he’s not eating with all the stress.

“We can’t even eat in the house anymore because it’s that bad – we have to go out to the cafe.” Mrs Redmile said St Leger Homes, the company that manages Doncaster’s council houses, has now agreed to visit and resolve the problem.

Head of facilities management Drew Oxley said: “The council’s pest control team has attended this site on a number of occasions, and we have addressed the vermin problem.

“We have advised the tenant of the best ways to proof her home to prevent this reoccurring, and St Leger Homes will continue to support her to resolve any ongoing issues.

”Previous figures concerning rat-related call-outs issued by Doncaster Council found in 2007-08 the service had responded to 3,088 incidents. Figures fell in 2009-10 to 2,229.

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