Mum's fury as her baby daughter is stung 'all over' when hundreds of wasps invade their

Starrain Johnson claims she and her children have been forced to stay out of the lounge because her council landlord hasn't dealt with a wasp infestation

A furious mum says her living room has become an "insect graveyard" and her 13-month-old daughter has been stung all over because her council landlord hasn't dealt with a wasp infestation.

The problem at her Huddersfield home started around two months ago, the Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports.

On Tuesday morning Ms Johnson, who shares the flat with her 13-year-month old daughter Ryiesha and son Rajay, 12, discovered hundreds of wasps crawling and flying around her living room.

She believes a wasps' nest may have been dislodged before it fell and split open.

Ms Johnson, 39, said: "I heard a rumble like something had fallen over and the wasps were coming out of everywhere."

And she continued: "I've been reporting the problem since July and nothing has been done. They only came and looked last week and said they couldn't do anything.

"It's rubbish. I have a young child and there's an infestation and they haven't even made an attempt to get rid of the wasps or give me somewhere to live temporarily."

In the meantime, Ms Johnson has been trying in vain to slow the stream of insects by taping up gaps and spraying the wasps with insecticide.

While the living room door is kept shut the insects have managed to get into other rooms, Ms Johnson said.

She says she and her son have been stung while baby Ryiesha has been stung all over.

Ms Johnson said: "It's irritating but I'm worried for my daughter."

She added: "I woke up and found them in my bedroom stuck to the window.

"All I can hear is buzzing and I can feel the wasps touching me."

Ms Johnson said she reported the infestation to Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing in July.

But the organisation, which manages Kirklees Council's social housing stock, failed to fix the problem, Ms Johnson said.

When the Examiner visited on Wednesday the living room floor and window ledge were covered in hundreds of wasps.

Ms Johnson, a support worker, said she had also contacted Kirklees Council pest control and other council services. But so far, she says, nothing has been done.

The Examiner has contacted Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing and is awaiting a response.

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