Cluster Flies  (Pollenia)





What are cluster flies?

Sometimes called “attic flies”, they are larger than the common housefly and move sluggishly. They can be recognised by the short, golden coloured hairs on the thorax (the part of the body to which the legs and wings are attached). They usually appear in the autumn or early winter and again on warm, sunny days in early spring. They buzz around the home and gather in large numbers in window frames and lost spaces.


Where can they be found?

The larvae, or maggots, of cluster flies develop as parasites in the bodies of earthworms. The adult flies emerge in late summer and early autumn and seek protected places to spend the winter. In many cases, this is within the walls, attics and basements of homes.


Are cluster flies harmful?

Whilst the flies can be a great nuisance, they do not normally represent any health risk, although they may produce a rather sickly smell when clustered in large numbers and can be most upsetting or unnerving if disturbed during over wintering. Therefore, their presence is not desirable.


Please note: There are many other pest species of Flies.


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