Where do house mice live?

  • House mice can be found in houses, buildings, and other structures that give them shelter and protection such as sheds and garages.

  • They nest where it is warm and dry, near to a good food source and are commonly found in partition walls, under floors, behind wall boarding and skirting boards, and in lofts. They will make nests of soft materials such as cloth, bits of paper and wool.

  • They don't need water as they can get what they need from their food.

  • A mouse can get through a gap as small as the size of a ball point pen!

  • They don't like bright lights and are mostly active at dusk and at night when they can be heard as they move around in search of food.

  • They are good jumpers and climbers and can swim if they have to.


What do they eat?

  • Mice will eat anything. Anything humans eat, mice will eat too.

  • They are very fond of cereal products, and prefer chocolate and biscuits to cheese.

  • They will gnaw through packaging to get to food.

  • They can survive on 3 - 4 g of food a day

  • They are sporadic feeders and will take a little food from lots of different places, urinating and depositing their droppings as they go.


Are house mice harmful?

  • Mice can cause damage to structures. They have to gnaw continually to wear down their incisor teeth which grow very quickly. They will damage wood, cables, wire and pipe work. They can start fires by gnawing through electric wires.

  • Mice damage food. They gnaw through packaging to get to food, and contaminate the contents with their urine, droppings and fur.

  • Mice can spread diseases.


How can you tell if you have house mice?

  • regular sightings, in the house, shed or garage;

  • droppings (like black grains of rice);

  • gnawed holes in skirtings boards or around pipes;

  • gnawed food packaging;

  • scratching noises in the walls and on ceilings;

  • a musky smell particularly noticeable when you first come into the house.


What should you do if you have mice?

Deal with them promptly - the faster you deal with them the less chance they will have to establish themselves and start to breed.

Get help from a professional pest control service 0843 523 0537 or 07443476749 or you could try to remove them yourself.


Prevention is better than cure:

  • don't leave open food out overnight.

  • don't leave uneaten cat or dog food out in dishes overnight.

  • remove all food spillages when they happen.

  • empty kitchen bins frequently

  • store food in rodent proof metal containers.

  • keep your yard and gardens free from waste and spills of refuse

  • regularly clean behind cookers, fridges, freezers and washing machines to stop build up of food debris

  • seal structural defects in the house to prevent mice gaining access to your home.


Getting professional help

Whilst DIY products can be used, and may be suitable for some circumstances, where the problem persists or is wide spread then professional help will be needed.  Call us on 0843 523 0537 or 07443476749 for a rapid response.


Donkill Pest Solutions provides a Mouse Control Service. Not only will we treat the infestation we will also make sure that all bait boxs / or traps are correctly placed and that you are informed about safety precautions.  We will also remove any mouse bodies that we find. At the end of the treatment we will remove any left over bait and we will advise you of proofing measures and things that you can do to stop any further infestations.



Donkill Pest Solutions deal with all Mice problems, so if you would like a free survey please contact us on

0843 523 0537 or 07443476749


For more information on Mice please click here


(Free site surveys are subject to availability and are not to identify if you have a infestation in the first place (this can be mostly be done over the telephone))



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