What's the rules on pest control in restaurants? Everything you need to know about control laws

After a rat was spotted in a KFC restaurant in Wallsend, we take a look at pest control legislation and what can be done

What are the rules on pest control in restaurants?

After the news of rat sighting in a KFC restaurant in Wallsend, we take a look at the legislation put in place to stop rodents visiting food businesses.

Health and safety laws dictate business are expected to actively control pests through a list of requirements

These include employing qualified pest control professionals, using safe and legal pest control methods, and for routine inspections on premises and deliveries to be carried out.

Others include keeping premises clean to prevent infestations, and ‘adequate’ procedures to prevent pests accessing areas of food preparation, handling or storage.

Food waste must be placed in containers in rooms where food is present, and staff must be trained on how to prevent pest contaminations.

Specific legislation also applies to the kitchen and restaurant areas of businesses.

EU regulations dictates food business operators to ‘as far as possible prevent pests from causing contamination by taking adequate measures as appropriate

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