Mole  (Talpa Europaea)



Moles are native to Britain and surprisingly common. Especially areas of permanent grassland like lawns, golf courses, public parks and playing fields. They have an exceptionally well developed sense hearing (despite having no external earflap), as well as a very good sense of touch.



Moles are vaguely cylindrical, 12 (4½") - 16 (5") cm from nose to tail and can weigh from 70g (2½oz) to 110g (4oz)

Moles are solitary animals and inhabit their own tunnel system. These tunnel systems can cover as much as 2000 m². These tunnels act as a trap for the mole's food, such as worms. The mole will patrol these tunnels regularly searching for their food.


It is immediately after sunrise and before sunset that moles are most active, the rest of the time they rest in a special chamber in their tunnels. The breeding season for molesruns from from late winter to early summer every year. A new litter of young moles will leave their nest when they are around five weeks old.



Damage caused by moles isn't limited to those who pride themselves on the pristine condition of their lawn. Moles cause damage to the roots of seedlings and plants, often killing them. Not to mention that mole hills can become trip hazards, as well as causing damage to lawn mowers and other turfcare machinery.


Although moles can create over 20 m (65ft) of new tunnels each day, they don't cause subsidence any more than leaving an uneven surface if the tunnels collapse, not enough to damage properties.


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