Mole Control in Doncaster

We only use Traditional Mole Trapping Methods.  We will remove your Moles for your land and offer a no mole no fee promise.  Mole hills will be a thing of the past.  We do not use Poisons to kill Moles.  Mole Trapper in Branton, Auckley and Cantley etc

Moles are a common problem in rural areas of Doncaster and the surrounding areas. To remove your mole problem, we offer mole control the traditional way using various traps.


Reasons to control a Mole problem


  • Prevent damage to machinery when cutting silage or harvesting crops

  • Prevent injury to cattle on pastures and to horses on racecourses and gallops

  • Prevent soil contamination of silage to protect animals (principally sheep) from listeriosis

  • Maintain the playing surface on golf courses

  • Avoid damage to visual amenities such as lawns and gardens


Cost of controlling Mole problems


Domestic Properties

At Donkill Pest Solutions we charge a one off fee to trap the moles that are in your garden.


Agricultural Land

For farmers or larger landowners Donkill Pest Solutions can offer a weekly mole catching service. A “No Mole no Fee” applies (with no setting fees). We will catch as many problem moles as the client requests in order to meet their objective for that land.


Rolling Contracts

Donkill Pest Solutions can offer farms, estates and small holdings services on a regular basis. The costs of the contracts are flexible and negotiated to meet the client’s needs.


Mole catching using traditional methods is fast becoming a thing of the past. But as is often the case, the old ways are usually the best. In bygone days parish councils would employ a mole catcher on an agreed annual contract, with the catcher then able to supplement his income by selling skins of his victims. For the hard worker, it could be a very profitable trade. Farmers also paid good money to be rid of the mole, as the fly tipped soil contaminated fodder crops and rendered land unusable.


As time passed, however, numbers of traditional mole catchers dwindled, possibly for two reasons. Some say mole catchers were victims of their own greed, refusing to pass their knowledge on and taking the tricks of the trade to their grave. Also, as rural populations grew, so did the number of rats and parish council priorities changed from needing ‘mole catchers’ to ‘rat catchers’. However, moles remain just as big a pest control problem today as they have for hundreds of years.


Donkill Pest Solutions specialises in traditional mole catching techniques.



Donkill Pest Solutions deal with all Mole problems in and around Doncaster, so if you would like a free pest control survey please contact us on 0843 523 0537 or 07443476749


Please note; we use no chemicals to control Moles


For more information on Moles please click here


(Free site surveys are subject to availability and are not to identify if you have a infestation in the first place (this can be mostly be done over the telephone))

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