Pest Control Contracts




Many business owners believe they do not need a pest control contract in place if they do not have a current pest problem. This is far from the case, prevention is just as important as cure when it comes to controlling pests. Having a professional pest control contract in place protects the health of your customers & employees, aswell as protecting your reputation.

If you have a business premises that has a kitchen or deals with food in anyway, then a pest control contract is important to achieve good compliance with health & safety legislation. 


Being contracted with a reputable pest control company will also have a positive effect on your "scores on the doors" rating, and will reflect well on you to Environmental Health auditors. 


You will have no doubt read or head many stories about businesses being closed down by Environmental Health due to pest issues; 9 times out of 10 these businesses do not have a pest control contract in place. This is usually when a business owner has decided to attempt their own amateur pest control, which is not sufficient enough due to the lack of professional-grade products & knowledge. These businesses always end up having to pay out thousands of pounds in fines, loss of products & loss of business due to closure; not to mention the damage it causes to their reputation.